Who we are

SMS Costruzioni Srls is a real estate services company that specializes in the recovery and restoration of historic buildings such as the buildings in Ortigia. Buying a property for renovation in an old town like that of Ortigia in Siracusa is an investment that is targeted not only to the recovery of the property itself but mainly to the recovery of its historical memory and value.

Relying on a specialized company that knows all the issues that may arise with a historical property is an obvious choice because only those who know and constantly work in a historical center can have the experience and knowledge of using the appropriate materials, the logistics for handling correctly the same materials and even the logistics for the disposal of the waste resulted after the renovation works.. This is just an example to understand that it is importantto chose the right company for the right place.

SMS Costruzioni Srls acquired this experience during many years and makes it available to anyone who wants to buy and renovate a building in Ortigia with a guarantee of the investment over the years. Due to the continue and growing demand for buying property in Ortigia, SMS Costruzioni Srls developed its objective of recovering the buildings, respecting always the personalized urbanistic plans and collaborating with architects, engineers, technicians and skilled workers, therefore able to offer full services to the clients.

Responsabile SMS Costruzioni Srls